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Archive List Audio Sermons

A Portion of the Portrait

Praying Until Something Happens

It's Time to Get Back Up

Being Prepared for the Way of the Lord

Driver Safety Training  

The Soul Eater

We need to let a Lot go

Spiritual Philosophy

The most Powerful Choice in the Universe

The Fruit of a Christian

Do not Tech Him out  

Devine Healing

When God Breaks the Part

The 3rd Dimension

The Touch of God 

Your Wings are Coming

How to Believe

When the Impossible comes Near

Follow the Blood

Ride the Brand

Three Main Tools for a Job Well Done

Trusting the Giver of Gifts

You are one God's Mind

Repentance from Dead Works

One Blood All Nations

The Importance of the Word

Set us on Fire - pt. 1   

Set us on Fire - pt. 2

A Flicker, a Flame, a Phenomenal

Spiritual Wellness

What must I do to be Saved

The Doctrine of Baptisms - pt 1  

The Doctrine of Baptisms - pt 2

The Answer to Every Problem

The Ark of God

The Keys to the Kingdom

Honor the Ordinary

The Posture of a Good Patriot

Selfies Aren't Healthy

The Expected

From a Thing to a King

We need a Certain God in Uncertain Times

Live to make Abraham Rejoice

Calling All Sinners

The Unhealthy House of Isaac

The Other Altars

Stay in the Race

Four Views of the Cross

The most Powerful Choice in the Universe

Comforter is Forever

Let No Man Deceive You

Are you Serious

Paralyzed People Need Roof Rippers  

Jesus is Calling

How to tell your Salvation took

Epistles Bible Study

How to Connect to the Anointing

The Castaways

When Kings Lean on Men

Never get to Full

Only the Serious Survive

Succesful Fishing

The Blessing of a Second Touch

Silent Submission  

Get the Life

Who is Jesus Christ

Eye Opening Experiences


The Church Will Always Prevail

The Comforter is Here

Prodigal Son

Come out with your Hands up

Putting the Lord in our Families

The Basin and The Towel

When Desperation becomes my Passion  

The Church

He's Redirecting the Expecting

The Church's Governing Elements

Only the Serious Survive


Unlocking your Potential

Divisions of the New Testament

A Little Assembly is Required  


Things I need from God 

Reclaim the Flame

Reclaim the Name

Abraham where is your Isaac

A Voice in the Valley

Stack the Deck


Why Don't You Disappoint the Devil

The Hope of Glory

It's Revival Time  

The Be Attitudes of Revival

The Peril of the Backslider

Unwrapping a Miracle

A Little Faith means a lot               

Make us While you Shake us

A Desire to go to Hell

Bible Doctrine

The Power of Prayer

Take Heed How Ye Hear

Someone Gave Blood

Jesus You May Be Dismissed

Matters of the Mind


A Special Gift to Give   

Finding my David

The Godhead

Running the Race with Grace  

A Christians Greatest Defense

The Heart of and Intercessor  

The Whole Thing

The Sameness of God  

The Divine Connection

Get In

Do you know how to Hear the Voice of God

Victory over Guilt

Don't Retire the Shoes

When Your Will Overrides The Revelation

These Sayings of Mine

The Little Faith that Could

The Power of Standing Still

Because there is a CAUSE

It's Later than you Think

The Power of the Made up Mind

Make a Run for the Border

An Anchor for my Soul

The Eyes of the Lamb

Six Steps to the Sinners Sleep

Where is Jesus

Go West  

A Heeart from Heaven

From Good to Great

The Eyes of the Lord 

The One True God

Fresh Oil  

The Comforter has Come  

This is Still That  

Power in Partnership  

Defining the Spirit

The devil Still Hates Water

There is Room in the Tomb 

In the Beginning

Make History with HIS story

Lured by the devil

Victory Praises

We Interrupt this Service

Hey Mr you got any change

Where will you Build your Altar

Dont Lose your Head on your own Sword 

A Faith Lift

The State of Contentment

A Word to the Common 

You Can't Function

What's your Identity

Truth or Trend

Knowing our Rights  

Connecting Point Ministries

Common Doctrinal Errors

Weekly Teaching Series