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Connections & Comparisons

Connections and Comparisons is an ongoing weekly series that deals with many scriptures in the Bible, some of which are not commonly addressed. The purpose of this series is to examine the scriptures at hand comparing what is said and looking at the connections within.

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Spiritual Maturity  

Gather the Neighbor’s Vessel and Let the Lord Pour the Oil in

Get Thee Behind Me satan

Choice, Predestined, End Before Beginning, Heart 

Will you Ride with me 

The Word of God is like an Anointing Salve that Heals our Wounds 

Cut the Weights and Produce some Fruit 

The LORD Gave, and the LORD hath Taken Away; Blessed be the Name of the LORD 

The Piper Piped and Herodias’ Daughter Danced 

The Fire was Hot, But the Vessel was Gold 

How Can I, Except Some Man should Guide Me? 

You Never Know Who is Watching You 

Are you a Willing Vessel 

We Must Protect our Eyes, our Ears, our Hearts, and our Mind  

The Beauty of Sacrifice  

The same Lord over all is Rich unto all that Call upon Him  

And Yet You Curse My NAME Over EVERYTHING!!!

The Mighty Acts of God  

Christ the Centerpiece  

Are You Gathering In Or Are You Scattering Abroad   

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