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Connections & Comparisons

Connections and Comparisons is an ongoing weekly series that deals with many scriptures in the Bible, some of which are not commonly addressed. The purpose of this series is to examine the scriptures at hand comparing what is said and looking at the connections within.

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Understanding: How to Gain Doctrinal Knowledge  

Mercy, Compassion, and Love  

Internet, T.V., and Perversion; False Doctrine, Mingled with Desensitization.  

Consuming Fire of Living Waters  

Understanding Sanctification and the Process thereof  

It is a sin not to pray for God’s people!  

It’s Going to Rain!  Get in the Ark!  

God understands the Imaginations of the Thoughts  

Once Saved Always Saved  

That Even Now  

Anger, Contention, and Strife  

It’s not about the Facts, It’s about your Faith  

Honor, Valor, Virtue, and Wisdom  

Inspecting, Judging, Condemning - Fine Lines!  

The Power of the Righteous Prayer  

Don't Leave Your Post Soldier  

He is Risen  

Don't Condemn and Judge Them Befriend and Love Them  

We Must Travail if we are to Prevail  

Stay Out of Potiphar’s House     

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